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Informes Periciales de Experto Independiente



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We are experts in economic, financial and accounting matters, and we operate as forensic economists throughout the national territory, both in arbitrational or legal courts across different jurisdictions. 


We have extensive experience in writing and ratifying objective and independent Expert’s Witness Reports.

Our fields of action

Ambitos de actuación

Do you requires a solid and reliable Independent Expert?

The reports written by an Independent Expert make complex aspects of an economic, financial, accounting or technical nature easily understandable.

Drawing up Expert Witness Reports

Our reports are detailed,

while being synthetic, clear and educational.

And they are solid, as we do critical analysis on each them before they are issued, that way we anticipate possible arguments in order to refute them.

Ratification before the Courts

Having the best advice on your side can be decisive in the resolution of a dispute

Daño Emergente, Lucro Cesante, Reclamación de Daños, Disputa, Litigio

Scope of action

Civil / Banking / Family Law

Commercial / Corporate Law

Administrative Law

Labour Law

Criminal Law

We have produced more than 150 expert’s reports before judicial and arbitral courts





  • Liability actions (Emerging Damage and Loss Of Profit) arising from non-compliance and/or early termination of contracts.

  • Compensation of customers (agency contract).

  • Expert’s opinion on accounting, financial and economic complex issues.


  • "Revolving" cards.

  • Preferred shares.

  • Mortgages (multicurrency, IRPH, etc.)

  • Floor clauses and hedge type coverage ("Swaps")


  • Discrepancies in the distribution and valuation of assets that make up the patrimony: 

    • Inheritances​.

    • Divorces.




  • Challenge of social agreements and disputes between shareholders/partners.

  • Responsibility of administrators and disputes in insolvency proceedings.

  • Violations and/or divergences in the application of contractual clauses.

  • Discrepancies in the liquidation of contractual relationships.

  • Determination of adjustments to the price negotiated in a transaction.

  • Unfair competition, restrictive competition practices and abuse of a dominant position.

  • Disputes related to the misuse and/or unauthorized use of industrial/intellectual property.




  • Exercise of actions of patrimonial responsibility to the Administrations.

  • Discrepancies related to tendering and contract award processes.

  • Economic imbalances in administrative concessions.

  • Sanctioning files resulting from non-compliance or discrepancies in the development of administrative concessions.

  • Quantification of damages arising from regulatory changes.

  • Tax and price inspection procedures.

  • Claim of regulated fees or prices.




  • Analysis, accreditation and quantification of economic damages derivate from the commission of irregularities that result in the termination of employment contracts.

  • Analysis of digital evidence on accounting manipulation, lack of due diligence, misappropriation, unfair competition, etc. of employees or senior management.

  • Issuance of Supporting Technical Reports accompanying the report that the company must provide to demonstrate the economic causes that prove the existence of a negative economic situation.




  • Misappropriation.

  • Scam.

  • Unfair administration.

  • Rise of goods.

  • Punishable insolvency.

  • Tax offences.

  • Cyber crimes.

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