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We are experts at advising companies in crisis or expansion settings. We will help you restore confidence in your business.

If you need to refinance existing debt or secure new financing, we can help you design the optimal financing structure, advise you in the drawing up of the Business Plan and assist you in negotiations with financial institutions, generating confidence and opening channels of communication throughout the entire process.

If you are faced with a continued decline in the profitability of your business, we can help you reverse the deteriorating situation and bring it back to profitability and sustainability, to optimize your cash management or to develop an effective viability plan, by streamlining costs and structures and focusing the growth on profitable business lines.

Our experience in operational and financial restructuring processes vouches for us, having advised companies and financial institutions in refinancing more than 1 billion in debt. We know the different financing options available and we have access to the partners of the main financing entities.

We offer a flexible service adapted to your needs.


Reestructuración Financiera

Financial Restructuring


Do you need to refinance your company's debt or raise new funds for your expansion process?

Reestructuración Financiera

At NXT we can offer you comprehensive advice on refinancing processes and on the search for new financing.

Refinanciación de Deuda
Optimización del circulante

We will design an optimal financial and capital structure.

We will provide you with the access to funding sources.

Búsqueda de financiación

We will assist you in the negotiations throughout the process until its completion.

Reestructuración Operativa

Operational Restructuring

We will present you with opportunities for cost saving measures and for the streamlining of the productive structure.

Ahorro de costes y optimizacion de la estructura
Plan de Viabilidad
Vuelta a la rentabilidad

Do you need a trustworthy and effective plan that will allow your business to get back to being profitable?

Plan de Negocio

At NXT we can help you reverse your business’s deteriorating situation and bring it back to being profitable, viable and sustainable.

We will help you develop an effective restructuring and viability plan and improve the management of the working capital.

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