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Dispute Resolution

We are experts advising in conflict or litigation situations , both to companies and individuals, and we offer alternatives to the judicial process for the resolution of economic-financial and accounting conflicts.


Our team has extensive experience in providing alternative solutions to the judicial process, acting as an independent arbitrator, mediator or advisor in complex negotiations.


Do you have a dispute with a business partner and want to resolve it quickly and cheaply?

Our services allow a quick and agile solution, with significant cost savings compared to the judicial process and that facilitates the maintenance of relationships between the parties.

The neutrality and impartiality of our team, with a solid training and experience, together with the necessary communication skills allow us to offer a service with the maximum guarantees, total discretion and confidentiality.

Advising you in complex negotiations prior to the judicialization of the conflict, evaluating risks, analyzing possible scenarios and documenting evidence.

Through mediation, in which our expert mediators will help the parties reach an agreement on their own.

Acting as an independent and impartial arbitrator in economic-financial matters, whose decision will be final and binding on the parties.

How can NXT help me dejudicialize the conflict and minimize the deterioration of relations between the parties?

Why turn to NXT as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism?

Resolution times and costs are significantly lower than in court proceedings and can be agreed in advance.

The involvement of a qualified and impartial person can provide innovative solutions for conflict resolution.

The flexibility of the process , which is developed under the principles of independence, hearing and equity.

Our solutions allow to minimize the deterioration of the relationship between the parties.

Discretion and confidentiality.

At NXT we have extensive experience in advising on disputes related to sale and purchase transactions, generally derived from ambiguity, lack of specificity or inconsistency of the clauses.

Our services can be preventive, advising on the preparation and review of the contract.

Likewise, we can act as an Independent Expert appointed by one or both parties to verify compliance with conditions, calculate possible adjustments to the price or to settle any other possible economic-financial discrepancies.

Are you immersed in a transaction and need an expert to advise you on possible conflicts related to the determination of the price?

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