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Distinctive advice

NXT was set up with the aim of establishing itself as the leading firm for advice in crisis or conflict situations.

To that end, we have developed a unique working methodology and a model of distinctive advice, which is based on a deeply rooted culture of challenge, on the training and experience of our professionals and our full commitment to providing effective solutions that are wholly adapted to the needs of our customers

Our work approach 

  • 360º Service.  We offer comprehensive and specialized advice in the management of crisis settings and complex/conflict situations.

  • Trustworthy and honest advice, focusing on the interests of our clients.

  • We offer Ad-Hoc solutions. Because each situation is different, we adjust to the circumstances and the specific needs of each case.

  • A practical, analytical and executive approach. Our reports are clear, straightforward and make complex aspects easily understandable.

  • One step ahead. We work with an open and objective mind, which allows us to see things from the point of view of the other party and anticipate their movements. 

  • Teamwork. Close collaboration with legal advisors, customer staff and specialists in their fields so as to maximize efficiency and generate synergies.

  • We are digital. We use the latest technologies to work and communicate, to optimize our time and minimize costs.

  • We are very competitive. Our business model allows us to offer high-quality, agile and flexible services with a very low overhead cost structure.

  • Full involvement of the partner responsible for each project. End-to-end quality of service.

  • Rigorous quality control. Each and every one of the projects is carefully reviewed by an independent project team.

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